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Fresh Mango Salsa

Fresh Mango Salsa

Vibrant, summer dish that is sure to be a hit at any party.

Mango salsa is an absolute must-try in summer. It is fresh, easy and vibrant and makes a great accompaniment to many dishes. It tastes incredible with any seafood or poultry or could be enjoyed on its own. One of our favourite ways to eat it is alongside some chargrilled prawns. It can also be enjoyed on tacos or as a side dish to chicken. The best part is how this salsa comes together so quickly and easily.

In this recipe we used mint, however coriander and mango is a combination made in heaven so feel free to switch out these herbs if you’d like. If you don’t love red onion, try pouring some hot water over it to minimise the sharpness of the flavour and add to the salsa once cooled down. You can also omit the onion all together. You can easily turn this dish into a gorgeous salad by mixing everything together with some peppery arugula and garnishing with prawns or chicken on top.


  • 1 Fresh Mango
  • ½ Avocado
  • ½ Finely Diced Red Onion (Optional)
  • Finely Diced Pickled Jalapenos (To Taste)
  • ¼ Finely Diced Red Capsicum
  • 6 – 10 leaves of Mint (or Coriander)
  • Juice of ½ Lime
  • Pinch of Salt


  1. Finely dice all ingredients and mix together in a bowl. 
  2. Squeeze in the juice of half a lime and add salt to taste. Then garnish with some mint leaves and serve.

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