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7 Things To Love About Wooden Chopping Boards

7 Things to Love About Wooden Chopping Boards

All the reasons you should be considering a Wooden Board as your next kitchen staple.

It’s no secret we love wooden chopping boards around here. Wooden boards are more sustainable, beautiful and durable than their plastic counterparts. Their antibacterial nature means that they are safe to use. They make the perfect addition to any kitchen and double up as both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


This is why we think wooden chopping boards are the only chopping board that you should be buying.

1. They are Unique

If you choose a high quality wooden board you’re getting a board that is completely unique. All the grooves, colours and grains of the wood will look completely different from board to board. There’s something special about getting an item that is not mass produced. Wooden boards showcase craftsmanship and a level of tactility to them that is incredibly satisfying.

2. Sustainable

While plastic boards are convenient and cheap, they exist for hundreds if not thousands of years. Wooden chopping boards will decompose at the end of their life cycle, making them a smarter choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Our suggestion would be to research sustainable wood in your area and find a certified supplier based on that information. While some wooden boards are indeed sustainable, others may not be due to using harmful methods or logging of endangered species. 


In Australia, there are three forestry certification schemes; The Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS), Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Be on the lookout for certification from these organisations when looking for suppliers of wooden boards. You can also purchase recycled timber products, which can be commonly found in local markets and specialty stores.


Camphor Laurel wood is considered a pest in Australia as it hinders the growth of local species. This makes it a sustainable option when buying wooden boards in Australia. Olive & Grain partnered with Eco Food Boards to ensure quality and sustainability in our product.

3. Antibacterial

Contrary to popular belief, wooden boards have been proven to be more hygienic than plastic. Researchers have found that bacteria in wooden boards would sink beneath the surface and couldn’t multiply, whereas with plastic boards bacteria would get caught in knife grooves that were nearly impossible to sanitise.


A study revealed that those using natural boards were less than half as likely to contract salmonellosis, with those using synthetic boards being twice as likely, the amount of cleaning did not impact this.


The capillary action of hardwoods act as a drain, pulling down fluid which traps bacteria and kills them off while the board dried. Soft woods however, are prone to splitting due to their larger grains and may harbour bacteria more easily.

4. Better for your Knives

A good wooden board is not only more sanitary, but it can help look after your knives as well. Hardwoods do not dull and wear down your knives as quickly as plastic, increasing the durability of what is arguably the most important tool in your kitchen. The weight of your board will provide stability while cutting which helps avoid injury.

5. Durable

A good quality wooden board can last a lifetime, especially when properly cared for. When purchasing your board make sure it is Kiln Dried. This is important not only because the kiln draws out any harmful oils from the wood, it helps to reduce the weight of the board and significantly reduces the chance of your board cracking or warping.


When looking after your boards make sure you regularly oil them with a mineral oil, always wash by hand in hot, soapy water and allow them to dry fully before the next use. You can also lightly sand the surface of your board if the knife marks become too intense. Even if you do minimal care, you’ll find that a great quality board can last you years.

6. Supports Local Business

As we’ve previously mentioned, the craftsmanship of wooden boards is incomparable to plastic boards. Supporting your local business’ when purchasing these boards is a fantastic way to see the process behind this craft. 


We physically visited the showroom and workshop where our boards come from and it was a great experience to be able to witness the process firsthand. 

7. Aesthetically Pleasing

Our last point is all about the aesthetic. Not only are wooden chopping boards incredible for all the reasons we’ve mentioned, they also look spectacular. They are the highlight of any kitchen and there is no need to hide them in a drawer or pantry as they are a stunning statement on their own.


Let us know what you think about Wooden Chopping Boards in the comments below!

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